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Privacy Statement

Please don’t hesitate to use our websites and our services ! We are convinced that personal integrity is essential and we, therefore, take your privacy seriously. This privacy statement is relevant to natural persons who share their personal data directly or indirectly with the CAPNOT network by visiting our websites or by using our services, such as the website:

CAPNOT is a network established in France and as such we adhere to the French legislation on personal data protection (1998: 204) which applies the European Union Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC). 

Our head office is located in RENNES (Brittany, France). Please don’t hesitate to share with us your questions and concerns regarding data protection. You can contact us via the following email addresses:

In this privacy statement, we would like to explain which types of personal data might be processed and why this is the case. Moreover, we would like to inform you about your choices with regard to the processing and how you can learn more about our data processing and your rights.


Please note that this privacy statement refers to the processing of personal data for which CAPNOT is responsible, that is whenever CAPNOT determined the processing’s objectives and means.

To avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding, this privacy statement does not refer to any processing of personal data which CAPNOT might carry out in its function as subcontractor as you use our services.

To obtain more information about how our services can be used in order to facilitate the data processing and about CAPNOT’s responsibilities and commitments linked to the processing, please refer to the applicable conditions.


Data which helps to identify you as a natural person is considered as personal data. We might be required to process the following personal data: 

Your contact details including your name, your post address and your phone number

The “user” information might, for example, contain data concerning whether you log in to our services or whether you visit our websites. This information may contain IP number, type of device and browser, time zone, geographical situation, your interests and preferences and information on how you interact with our services, e.g., the functions you used or the buttons you clicked on. 

Other information which we obtain through your contacts


We process personal data from users of the website in order to :

  • Provide our services in accordance with the applicable conditions 
  • Administer the use of the web site 
  • Analyze the visited websites in order to optimize our services 
  • Develop and improve our services 


We might share personal data with third persons for the above mentioned purposes. To avoid all misunderstanding, we don’t share personal data with third persons so that they use the personal data for commercial purposes linked to you as an individual.

This privacy statement does not refer to any data processing for which you might be responsible as a result of using our services. You, or the party who you represent, are/is always responsible for your processing of personal data in accordance with applicable law.


It is our obligation to process precise, relevant and necessary personal data in consideration of our legitimate purposes. And it is your right to control our doing.

In order to update your personal data which we process, please contact To obtain a free extract of your personal data which we process, please send a signed letter to CAPNOT’s head office.