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All about the Capnot network

Capnot Network

CAPNOT is a network of selected notarial offices.
The network arose from the idea of several notaries who shared the same vision of the notarial profession and its future. As they wished to strengthen its values and to develop the profession in a modern and dynamic.


The CAPNOT network is based on the idea of sharing between several offices the specific knowledge which the members could acquire in their working activity: complex real estate (public and private), real-estate financing, portfolio management of real estate assets, business transfers, private international law, etc.

Capnot, L'expertise notariale partout en France


The CAPNOT network is known for its expertise which is human and digital at the same time. The interaction between these two notions is the network’s center. All members are convinced that digital technology is beneficial for the development of the notarial profession and its expertise.

Real estate audit

Given the fact that a notarial office, even if it is of significant size, isn’t necessarily promptly able to work on complex projects (housing stock audits, transfers of real estate portfolios with numerous assets, etc.), CAPNOT has developed a common software for real estate audits which enables CAPNOT’s members to answer in a collegial and collaborative manner with rigor and effectiveness to complex inquiries: CAPNOT’IMMO

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