CAPNOT CAPNOT, l'Expertise Notariale


The CAPNOT network is based on the idea of sharing between several offices the specific knowledge which the members could acquire in their working activity: complex real estate (public and private), real-estate financing, portfolio management of real estate assets, business transfers, private international law, etc.

It has been proven useful for specialized notaries to share these competences in order to offer optimal support, best knowledge and structured and serene handling, also with regard to projects which largely exceed the workforce of one single office.

competences notariales

Therefore, the CAPNOT network develops its expertise in consideration of quality and quantity. These two aspects are the network’s essential purpose: to ensure the best service for demanding institutional clients as well as for the notarial profession itself, whenever an notarial office – even if it is no member of the network – wants to help its client by using the network’s knowledge or the community’s strength.

The CAPNOT members’ expertise has earned a considerable and national reputation in the respective fields. It is based on long-standing and solid experience and underlined by regular publications.

The CAPNOT network is able to mobilize several notaries and dozens of employees to work together on one file, coordinated by a unique national communication manager. In doing so, the network is able to answer calls for tenders, to work with institutional clients or, in general, to work on major projects and complex files while ensuring time efficiency. CAPNOT can count on its members’ knowledge and their experience of working as a team on specific questions, both nationally and locally.